Hands Free V2

Why do we need a Next Generation of Hands Free

Many of the Audio Centric Hands Free Solution like Alexa are losing a bit of their Charm because they are NOT visual enough.  The saying “A picture is worth a thousands words” is appropriate here.   Visualization starts with just images, moves to 3D objects,  adds some motion and then some animation makes the whole experience more fun and very easy to learn.

Next Generation of Computing will Hands Free

Important Features for Next Generation of Hands Free

  1. Personalization – Assistant type, motion, voice all are easily customized.
  2. Security. We offer an optional login to the System for Verification and ID confirmation.
  3. ECommerce.  This is why we are implemented 3D Objects for shopping via a Voice Assistant.
  4. Game Orientation is important feature for Next Generation of Hands Free.
  5. Chat Bots will also move forward with Visualization needs.