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Dialogflow and Gemini API together is the foundation of our GCP CoPilot.

Working Together:

Dialogflow can leverage Gemini’s capabilities to create more natural and engaging conversations. ¬†Gemini can be used within Dialogflow to provide informative and comprehensive responses to user queries.

Bottom Line:
Dialogflow provides the structure for conversations, while Gemini injects intelligence and understanding into those conversations.

Features of the GCP Co-Pilot

Assist Players
Assist Players in every aspect of the Game.  From Getting Started to Advanced Game Strategy.

“Is it better to jump levels as soon as possible or collect more points then move to the next level?”

Responds to Natural Language
Using GCP Dialogflow for Gamers to have a conversation with the Co-Pilot.

“Generate Cube Color of Blue with an X of 3, Y of 4 and Z of 5”
This is pre-trained AI that knows the structure of the conversational unity.


“Generate 1950s TV using Luma AI”
This is Generation by your favorite Mesh Generator.

Resource Usages Guides
Sometimes a Co-Pilot might offer insights on efficiency of using game resources.

“Is it better to get more swords or more barrels?”

Game Strategy Advice
Game Strategy is important for newcomers to the game. The Co-Pilot can outline to pros and cons of each strategy. This feature greatly reduces the learning curve and increases the fun factor.

“Tell me about the game and what I should know to be successful”

Game How Tos
From Keyboarding Sequences to extra point strategies, there are a lot of subtle features that the Co-Pilot will suggest at the appropriate time or upon questioning.

“What is the keyboard sequence to show the entire inventory of collected items”

Scoring Coaching
The Co-pilot will outline the paths to Maximum Scoring via Coaching.

“Are there any double or triple bonuses in this game?”

Visuals and Voice

“Can you show me a map for the Best path to the Dragon Ship?

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