Dialog Deck

Just State Your Intention

In the Dialog Deck, you only need to state your intention.  Create, Move, Select, Delete a 3D Object and we take care of the rest.   These are multi-player objects so when we create a object based on your voice that object will be replicated to everyone in the Multi-player Dialog Deck.

You words matters

If you create objects with the Dialog Deck – it is up to you to specify the Spawn Points and Pose with an Empty Object.   This is achieved by Sequential Naming convention.  To modify the Spawn Point and Position just modify the Transform of the properly named object.

Geo Fence

Why Geo Fence?  This gives us some controls when the players enter or exit the Dialog Deck.  For Introductions, For Good Byes, For Tracking Purposes, For Clean boundaries between Assistants, …..   Do it work the same in Augmented and Mixed Reality with GPS?  yes.

Inter-Reality Colaboration

One of the Keys to a successful Metaverse is interoperability between players with different headsets etc.  We have created a Multi-player Deck for all sort of Head sets.    We also believe that a common dialogflow assistant with an advanced knowledge base regarding the Collaboration discussion point is important.  Get everyone same visual and audio data will be essential for Collaboration success.

One Dialogflow Knowledge Base for all

“DF Agent: What is the warranty on the new pool filtration system we recently bought?”

“DF Agent: What is the Last article that Herb Rush wrote about Unity?”

“DF Agent: Search the database for Blood Tests for Patient 00889”

Audio and Visual information for Collaboration.

Coming Soon

End of Year 2022. Stay Tuned.